Foot Theft Series - Cindy

A clip starring Cindy

Cindy in Foot Theft Series - Cindy

In this clip: gas, face play, POV, inspection, foot worship, trance, amateur

Cindy is quite tired and dazed after a dinner with me... Maybe there was something in the wine? Maybe. In fact, when later I sneak into her bedroom with a POV camera and a light, I find her body in a trance: she is definitely gone and unresponsive, but her eyes are half open and fixed. She isn't able to see me, though.
She remains unresponsive while I take the duvet off, record her face, play with her hands, expose her ass and grope her feet. Then I start to worship her feet and her eyes remain fixed in the darkness... but her mind is tripping, and maybe the feeling on my tongue on her soles triggers something in her brain, as she starts moaning in her trance, as if she's enjoying it even though she can't have any idea of what's going on...
In the morning we have a chat, but she seems to be totally unaware of what I did last night