Foot Theft Series - Ashleigh McKenzie

A clip starring Ashleigh

Ashleigh in Foot Theft Series - Ashleigh McKenzie

In this clip: POV, foot worship, nylons, amateur

Business woman Ashleigh McKenzie is kept away from home because of a business meeting, and is hosted by an old friend she hasn't been seeing for ages.
he sounds really nice to her, they have some small talk and make some plans for the evening. he handles her a drugged drink; she drinks it, and soon she starts to feel really tired, so they have to change their plan, as she just wants to go to bed. The friend leads her to the bedroom, and she soon falls asleep without even undressing.

A bit later, once the drink has surely done a good job, the friend sneaks back into the bedroom with a POV camera. Ashleigh is totally asleep, he know she will not wake up... So he starts taking her shoes and stockings off, groping her feet, providing stellar closeups of these soles of hers while she has no idea of it and still considers him a good loyal friend...