Foot Theft Series - April O'Moore

A clip starring April O'Moore

April O'Moore in Foot Theft Series - April O'Moore

In this clip: face play, groping, POV, humiliation, inspection, foot worship, amateur, stripping

It's evening, April just had a meal with her house mate and she is really tired: really, ready do slip into bed and fall deeply asleep. She says goodnight to her mate and moves into her bedroom.

Later, the housemate gets into her room with a camera recording, and a torch: he makes sure she is deeply asleep, and then moves at the feet of the bed, moving the duvet away, stripping and groping her body, getting open leg shots of her pussy, exposing her feet wrapped in socks... He slowly slips the socks off, one after the other, while the camera films amazing closeups (ALL POV, as if it's you who are doing all that on her!).
He also worships her feet while she's slightly responsive in her sleep, but he mostly focuses in getting amazing closeups for a later wanking in the privacy of his bedroom.

In the morning, April talks to her housemate, telling him that she didn't sleep very well, but she has no idea of what happened at all...