Foot Theft Series - Anna Darling

A clip starring Anna Darling

Anna Darling in Foot Theft Series - Anna Darling

In this clip: groping, POV, footjob, hands, foot worship, masturbation, amateur

Anna comes home in the morning after a whole night spent out partying and drinking; her friend and housemate is in the living room, playing with a brand new camcorder he just got. They have a quick talk, but all she needs is to toss herself on her bed and sleep for the whole day, so she leaves him there learning about how to use the camera.

The creep! Once Anna is asleep, he sneaks into her bedroom with the brand new camera recording. Maybe he's just experimenting with that, but he starts messing around with Anna's sleeping body. She moves and is a bit responsive in her sleep, but never wakes up, as she was too tired. He takes her high heels off and records stunning closeups of her gorgeous soles and toes brightened up by daylight. He gropes her feet, legs and ass, while the camera films everything POV in a very amateurish way but high-definition at the same time. 

He takes his dick out and starts rubbing it on her sleepy soles. Then he lays down in bed beside her, his dick still out, and starts using her hand on it as if she was giving him a handjob! In the meantime he keeps filming himself with her housemate as a kind of secret footage she will never know about.
In her sleep, Anna starts moving her hand a bit, actually giving him a gentle handjob while dreaming, whithout having any idea that she's actually masturbating her housemate friend! In the meantime, he keeps filming using his new camera.

Later on her moves back to her feet, and fucks her soles and toes for some time providing nice angles of his penis sliding between her arches. At some point she starts moving more: she's slowly waking up as he has probably been too rude. So he moves out and remains behind the door, spying her while she wakes up confused. He keeps filming her, occasionally moving the camera to his hardon like a monster behind the door. This is the real creep!