Foot Theft Series - Amber

A clip starring

 in Foot Theft Series - Amber

In this clip: chloroform, POV, hands, foot worship, amateur

We see Amber having a phone call with a friend: she is not going out with them as she is really tired and she needs to sleep. So she does, and I neak in with my POV camera in order to play around with her body and feet and show you great amateurish stolen closeups!
Amber reacts in her sleep, and, when I'm sick of it, i take a rag and chloroform her in her sleep! Now she is dead weight and I can play with her feet for some time, undisturbed.
In the end we see Amber having another call, the next day, saying she feels groggy and doesn't remember anything... It must have been me, but she will never know!