Foot Theft Series POV - Akeira

A clip starring Akeira

Akeira in Foot Theft Series POV - Akeira

In this clip: POV, foot worship, rolling, amateur

Akeira comes home in the morning after a whole night spent out partying and drinking; her friend and housemate is in the living room, playing with a brand new camcorder he just got. They have a quick talk, but all she needs is to toss herself on her bed and sleep for the whole day, so she leaves him there learning about how to use the camera. The creep! Once Akeira is asleep, he sneaks into her bedroom with the brand new camera recording. Maybe he's just experimenting with that, but he starts messing around with Akeira's sleeping feet. She moves and is a bit responsive in her sleep, but never wakes up, as she was too tired. 

He gropes these soles, getting full screen closeups with his pro camera, filling the frame with her toes and smooth soles... And his mouth as well, as he worships her sleepy feet for long, recording the whole thing in order to rewatch it later. He is stealing his housemate's feet, taking advantage of her sleep to get her soles without her permission, until she starts to wake up and it's better for him to sneak out of the room.