Young Bee Sleepy Foot Session Play

A clip starring Bee

Bee in Young Bee Sleepy Foot Session Play

In this clip: face play, ragdolling, POV, hands, inspection, foot worship, rolling, willing, amateur


Bee is a young student who likes to earn a little easy money. She allows a friend of hers to occasionally play with her feet while she pretends to be asleep, mostly because they are both shy to do that openly... But no foot worship not anything too much! Just touching, basically, or she would stop pretending and stop the play. That's a very innocent game, but he likes it and she gets a little money.

One day they arrange that on the phone. He clearly would like to get more, but she makes clear once again that it has to be an innocent game. Anyway, she is such a tease that she manages to have him into coming to play, same levels as usual. He cannot simply resist her luscious teenager's feet!

She puts her sexier heels on. She unlocks the door and positions herself in her sleeping beauty position and starts to "sleep"... But, before doing that, she murmurs that maybe this time she will let him do what he wants without stopping the game, as she is curious to discover what foot worship feels like...

When he finally comes, the video turns mostly POV. This is actually a real time session and Bee's actual first foot worship experience in real life. 
He leaves the money on the table, and approaches Bee's sleepy figure. He checks her limpness, limp face, limp hands, body rolling, and soon moves to her feet. He takes these killer heels off and reveals these young arched soles which always leave him out of breath... He starts to caress them, flop them as the camera captures stunning closeups. Bee is totally unresponsive, her feet look and feel like they're inviting him... But he knows she would stop the game if he pushes too much. but he cannot resist, so he begins sneaking in some quick kisses on these soles, hoping she will not react. 

To his big surprise, she doesn't. She is not complaining. He thinks that she is testing him to see how far he will go, and stop the game kicking him out at some point... But she still doesn't, and at this point he has been worshipping her luscious feet intensively, and her body still lies limp, not complaining. He knows there migh be no second occasions, so he even takes some pics as he suspects he won't be that lucky again.

He ends up literally loving her feet, and finally leaves happy, while Bee still lies limp on the bed!