Sleepy Foot Fucked Girlfriend Honour May

A clip starring Honour May

Honour May in Sleepy Foot Fucked Girlfriend Honour May

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A couple has come home from a late party. Both have been drinking but the woman has had a lot more then her boyfriend. The woman is wearing a jacket, blouse, boot cut jeans, and heels.
Her boyfriend helps her onto the couch. She barely responds to his statements. He asks if she wants water and she nods her head yes. He gets up and goes to the kitchen.

The man comes back to find his girlfriend completely passed out. He tries to get her to drink water, but she's out cold. He then removes her jacket, then her heels leaving her barefoot. He worships her feet for a little bit before sitting on the couch next to her, placing her feet in his lap, and giving himself a footjob.

She begins to cough, startling the man. He quickly gets himself together and offers her the water which she drinks. She kisses him on the cheek and asks to be helped to bed. The man helps her into the bedroom.

Once on the bed, the woman passes out again. The man checks her responsiveness by tickling her feet. He goes back to worshiping them. He then positions her to where she's laying on top of him and plays with her limp limbs. He rolls her onto her stomach, puts her legs to her butt and finishes the footjob from this position while holding her arms.

He cleans up the mess, then climbs into bed with her, pulling her close and goes to sleep.