Limp Michelle Footfucked

A clip starring Michelle

Michelle in Limp Michelle Footfucked

In this clip: assault, cumshot, ragdolling, groping, footjob, amateur

The ugliest burglar of all times has broken into the apartment of a young woman, waiting on her to get home. She arrives, and he surprises her from behind and lifts her off the ground in a bear hug. Her shoes fly off in the struggle, leaving her barefoot.
Once she passes out, he sits with her in his lap. He plays with her limp arms and legs and rubs her feet. She wakes up but is put back to sleep with a sleeper hold. He lays her on the couch face down and gives himself a footjob with her limp feet. Once he cums on her feet. He wipes her feet clean, gets a sack, places it over her upper body and carries her over the shoulder out of the room