Honour May FootFuck Freeze

A clip starring Honour May

Honour May in Honour May FootFuck Freeze

In this clip: groping, footjob, masturbation, trance, feet, legs, blonde, drug, smart/business, provocative

Two positions. Done with digital effects, full figure with NO blinks! Wow

Honour and her new boyfriend are talking while having a drink, when she notices he keeps touching her hips and legs. She gets irritated and tells him to stop. What is he trying to do? He tells her that he dreams of a footjob, but she rejects it as she finds it weird. After an awkward silence she tells him that she’ll just use the restroom and leaves.

He felt so embarrassed to her, but he really wants some FJ from so he grabs some freeze serum and puts it into her drink. She comes back talking as if nothing happened; then she sips the drink and notices that it tastes strange, so she takes another sip and ends up finishing it.

After a moment she feels weird, and notices that her legs are getting numb (slow freezing start) trying to move it but can't. He now takes the chance to touch her legs down to her feet while she's struggling to move, he takes out one stiletto and starts touching her sexy feet while she's gasping for air, and before she gets completely frozen he starts rubbing her (one) foot on his dick, just like what he wanted from the start.

She is now completely frozen (WOW NO BLINKS) and he stands in front of her and changes her position by putting her on top of the table then he took out the heel from her other foot and uses it for his pleasure...