Limp Carmel Footfucked

A clip starring Carmel Anderson

Carmel Anderson in Limp Carmel Footfucked

In this clip: assault, bondage, chloroform, cumshot, ragdolling, groping, POV, footjob, foot worship, masturbation, nylons, stripping

Carmel is on the bed, teasing a guy in a webcam session - Lots of sexy poses, open legs, fingering herself, dirty talk.
Suddenly a creep rushes in the room and chloroforms her: she is dead limp.

Scene fades back in and she has been tied up and gagged; she wakes up and struggles in the bondage as the camera pans on her.
The creep comes back in and starts groping her, especially her fabulous ass. She protests but there's little she can do... At some point he grabs the rag again puts her back to sleep. It's an intense struggle, but eventually she is limp.
The creep unties her and starts ragdolling the body, groping her, wanking over her, also using her hands, slapping his dick on her ass, etc... Finally, he rolls the body on the belly and start wanking at her feet, still wearing the black stockings. He cums on them, then we have a set of pans using different poses, quite explicit and naughty, her feet still covered in cum...