Jessica Footcuffed Policewoman

A clip starring Jessica

Jessica in Jessica Footcuffed Policewoman

In this clip: assault, chloroform, sniffing, foot worship, silly, mature, feet, brunette

A policewoman catches a burglar in her house; she's going to arrest him, but he unexpectedly chloroforms her.
Then, instead of going on stealing, he decides to inspect her body focusing on her feet: he takes her boots off, starts massaging and kissing her soles, exposes them to the camera.

At some point he decides to take off the handcuffs she was going to use on him, and use these to handcuff her ankles instead!
Then he restarts worshiping her soles, jerking until he's done, and he finally leaves her there, footcuffed... She's going to have a very bad time once she wakes up!