Foot Theft Series - Nyxon Wakes Up, Catches Me, Humiliates Me

A clip starring Nyxon

Nyxon in Foot Theft Series - Nyxon Wakes Up, Catches Me, Humiliates Me

In this clip: groping, POV, sniffing, foot worship, caught in the act

You know I like to sneak in the bedroom when there is a cute girl sleeping, to play with her feet and enjoy them secretly... Well, this time Nyxon was in bed, all naked with her brand new breasts, and I turned on the camcorder as usual, to show you the footage in POV style. I started to handle her bare feet, flopping them, sniffing, and worshipping them as she slept. I moved the camera in different positions to be able to document the theft. But, in the middle of the video, Nyxon suddenly woke up and I'm caught, speechless. The camera remained on, recording everything. Nyxon sounded shocked, disgusted, and started to humiliate me while the camera kept recording. She ordered me to smell her feet, put them in my mouth, almost gagged me; she said she would put the footage on youtube, to show the world the pervert I am. At some point, the camera missed the scene, but you can hear all my humiliation; everything else is quite visible. This is real-looking footage, nothing has been staged.