Foot Theft Series - Niki footabused by her housemate

A clip starring Niki, Ammalia

Niki, Ammalia in Foot Theft Series - Niki footabused by her housemate

In this clip: foot worship, girl/girl, amateur

Niki is depressed because she doesn't find a job. On the contrary, her housemate Ammalia just comes back home from a dreamland, as she works as a sexy hostess for a flight company: that makes Niki feeling depressed even more, so she decides to go bed. Later that night, Ammalia steps into her bedroom, silently, and kneels down at her bed. She gently raises up the sheets, uncovering her housemate's sleeping feet, and begins performing a passionate worship on them... Niki doesn't wake up, but, instead, moans in her sleep, as this feeling probably helps her in making sexier dreams. Ammalia goes on worshipping Niki's soles, always keeping an eye on her housemate's status, as she doesn't want to get caught. At some point, the phone rings and she has to escape: someone is calling Niki offering her a job!