Foot Theft Series - Lilli

A clip starring Lilli

Lilli in Foot Theft Series - Lilli

In this clip: cumshot, POV, footjob, foot worship, masturbation

Lilli lays sleeping in bed while an unknown man steps into the dark room, approaches the bed and starts raising the sheets, uncovering her feet, legs and naked figure. He is filming everything with his camera, sharing his point of view with us. Lilli doesn't wake up: she can barely move her toes occasionally, when he pushes too hard during his foot game. He worships her soles, lets the feet fall limp on the mattress, slaps the soles with his hands and with his dick... Getting hard as he rubs it on her wet soles... and, ends with a real cumshot on her toes and soles; everything is filmed on camera. Finally he cleans up his mess and steps out of the room. She will never know anything about this...