Liz Rainbow Standing Foot Fuck While Frozen

A clip starring Liz Rainbow

Liz Rainbow in Liz Rainbow Standing Foot Fuck While Frozen

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Liz is just wondering on her house when someone sneaks out and puts something on her drink, and after she drinks she'll realize there's something wrong.

She'll slow freeze, in a dramatic way as if she realizes she's turning into a doll.

Once she's frozen the guy came out take a look at her then goes to her legs down to her feet then he lift up one feet (she'll be standing in one leg) then removes her heels then keep touching her pretty soft feet then put them on his dick/crotch.

As he continues to use her feet on his pleasure, she slowly becoming aware of whats happening and when she fully awake and noticed whats happening then intruder triggers the something that shock freeze her.

The creep continues masturbating on the frozen doll's soft sole, until he cums (simulated) all over her sole and toes.
He puts the leg down, and leaves the doll standing there.