Adreena Winters Limp Footjob Assault

A clip starring Adreena

Adreena in Adreena Winters Limp Footjob Assault

In this clip: assault, cumshot, face play, groping, footjob, injection, kissing, foot worship, knockout, masturbation

A man comes home from work exhausted. He forgets to lock the front door, walks into his living room, puts on head phones and falls asleep on the couch.

A female thief, wearing a black hoodie, a  blue shirt underneath it, dark flared jeans, black shoes and black gloves sneaks into the unlocked apartment. She notices the man sleeping on the couch with headphones in his hears and figures she won't wake him. While she looks for items to steal, them man wakes up and notices her. Carefully, he grabs a blunt object from under the couch and sneaks up behind the thief, knocking her out.

The man closely inspects the intruder, realizing that it's an attractive woman. He takes off the hoodie and strips her feet bare. He spends time worshiping her limp feet, then rubbing them on his crotch. He picks the thief up, plays with her limp body some more before placing her on the couch where he spends some time kissing her.

He sets her face down, her legs in his lap while he gropes her ass and licks her feet simultaneously.

After a while, he shifts her aside and gets up to retrieve something from the next room. The thief then wakes up, though still groggy from the blow to the head. The man comes back and takes her to the ground, placing her in a rear naked choke.

Once she's out again, the man places her on top of him on the ground, her back on his chest. He plays with her limp arms and kisses her face and neck.

Using a syringe he got from the other room, he injects a sleeping agent into the thief through her jean clad ass. He then lays her on her back, oils up her feet, and fucks them until he cums all over them.

After cleaning up, the man picks up the limp thief, sets her on his lap, kisses her on the check, then dozes off.