Fitness Trainer Handfuck

A clip starring Hannah

Hannah in Fitness Trainer Handfuck

In this clip: chloroform, cumshot, face play, groping, POV, footjob, hands, masturbation, willing

Fitness instructor Hannah is demonstrating some stretches to a guy. He's probably paying more attention to her body that her words, and at some point Hannah notices that, and reveals him that she would love to let him have her body, but, because she has a boyfriend, she would allow him to chloroform her so that he can do what he wants and she doesn't feel guilty because she just won't know.
So she steps out and comes back with a rag. She now wants him to put her down, and so he does, while she lets him push the rag on her mouth and nose. Soon she sinks on her knees and then onto the floor, remaining with ass up, totally limp.

The guy starts groping her ass and firm thighs. He lays her down, gropes her feet, takes off her socks. Eventually he moves her in a sitting position.
He likes her hand: he decided to give himself a handjob using both her fitness trainer's limp hands, and in the end he cums all over her palms, spreading the semen between her fingers...