Fiona and Emma limp tricked by evil friend

A clip starring Emma, Fiona

Emma, Fiona in Fiona and Emma limp tricked by evil friend

In this clip: drunk, face play, fainting, ragdolling, POV, injection, inspection, multigirl, silly, amateur, bodypile, blonde, brunette

Fiona and Emma are spending the night partying with their evil female friend (nearly pov, not quite visible). They are really drunk and want more drinks, but there is nothing left; they decide to order something from outside, but in the meantime the evil friend uses a syringe to put Fiona to sleep, not seen by the others. Fiona is so drunk that she doesn't even notice it, but soon she fall asleep as Emma protests as she wants to keep having fun... But Emma is naughty, so the two awake friends start making fun of her body, posing her, resting stuff on her head, tickling her, taking pictures with their cellphones to put online later. That is the way to have fun with a sleepy friend!
But, while doing so, the evil friend secretly does the same thing to Emma, who soon feels weaker, rolls her eyes and falls down limp. Now the evil friend is alone with her friends' limp bodies, and the room is finally silent. The party is over for them, but a new way of fun has started for the evil friend: she starts inspecting the bodies, making fun of them, posing them in several ways, handling the limp feet and finally taking their bra off exposing their breasts, and also running their hands on their own breasts as if they were caressing themselves.