Fight Club Newbie

A clip starring Coco, Belle Fatale

Coco, Belle Fatale in Fight Club Newbie

In this clip: face play, fighting, ragdolling, humiliation, knockout

Club Captain and grand champion Belle is cleaning up after a long week hosting Fight Club and about to lock up when a woman comes to the door asking around, saying she knows Coco and a couple years back she gave her the address to the club and said, "If you ever want the best fighters in an extreme match, go visit PDX Fight Club. Belle lets her know she is closing and she must have an appointment, but when she hears that Coco sent her, and then hears the name Hannah, she gets a look in her eye and a lump in her throat. She has heard about Hannah for years, a muy Thai kick boxer that has been working the UFCW circuit and winning all across the board. Belle can not resist a fight and has never lost, obviously because she is still standing with a heart beat.

The two start stretching and immediately you can tell Belle is a bit salty and is putting her game face on. As they stretch and get ready Hannah tries to make small talk but Belle shuts her down in a second. As they square up and start talking smack, Hannah lunges a like she is going to punch, then surprises Belle with a couple of side kicks to the hip, knocking her back. The two go at it and trade blows. They really brawl and Belle uses her boxing skills and length to get in good punches while Hannah kicks and punches to gain ground. After a good brawl and change of power Hannah surprises Belle with a combination and uppercut to the jaw knocking her down. She smacks her around a bit, toying with her, then to humiliate her then takes her clothes off, leaving only the g string. She drops her and grabs water. As her back is turned, belle wakes up and grabs her hair punching her. The two get back to fighting, trading blows, but Belle gets the upper hand punching Hannah hard and knocks her to the floor.  Belle mounts her and starts pounding her face, then pounding her head in the floor over and over like she saw Coco do. She hits with a combo left and right, then Hannah bucks her off then punches Belle over and over again with a combo. She punches her with an uppercut before Belle comes back at her and uppercuts her to the sofa, knocking her limp, her body slightly twitches as her open, fluttering eyes shut as she goes KO. Now it is Belles turn to have her fun humiliating Hannah. She gets behind her, flopping her around removing her sports bra exposing her huge tits. Belle smacks her tits around a few times hard, then again a few times more to check them out and to hang over her head when she wakes up, more humiliation for Hannah. She moves her head around and flops her a few times.