Sleepy Bee's Foot Fetish Step Brother

A clip starring Bee

Bee in Sleepy Bee's Foot Fetish Step Brother

In this clip: bondage, POV, foot worship, family affairs, caught in the act

Bee is in front room exercising. She stretches a lot. Suddenly she feels tired and decides to take a nap. She lays on the couch an is soon fast asleep.

Her step brother comes in and sees his hot step sister asleep. He checks to make sure she is in deep sleep and proceeds to her feet. His dream was to check them out closely.

He took off her shoes and socks. After sniffing her socks deeply, he moved down and enjoyed her feet. 

Bee stirred but did not wake. He was worried this chance would pass by, if she did wake. So, he fetched some ropes and tied up Bee and gagged her. Now, even if she woke, she could not move. He went back to her feet.

Bee did finally wake. She started moaning and struggling. He stood back and watched her, enjoying the show.