Foot fetish Sister Bendy - Foot Worship Blackmail Pt2

A clip starring Bendy

Bendy in Foot fetish Sister Bendy - Foot Worship Blackmail Pt2

In this clip: foot worship, massage, willing

The sleepy/limp part is here!

Continued from Part 1, I am still not allowed to leave as I keep getting texts from my lover; the situation is getting desperate for me and I am determined to stand up and leave, but my sister Bendy clamps me with her long legs and pushes me back to the couch.
Holding me down with one leg, she pushes her other foot on my face and orders me to worship it. She wants to have a nap, as foot worship relaxes her: she orders me to wake her up at a specific time, and I can't believe it's going on.
She closes her eyes, relaxes, but I have to continue worshipping her sole because every time I stop or slow down, she opens her eyes and orders me to continue... So I keep worshipping, until she actually falls asleep, and I desperately manage to reach my phone and send a couple of texts to my lover apologizing for the delay... but in the meantime I must keep licking Bendy's limp sleepy foot, otherwise she might wake up and catch me in the act....
When it's time I wake Bendy up, and she finally sets me free, after a long while of being under her feet, active and limp, but still dominating me. My sister knows, my sister loves to have her feet worshipped, so I am officially in trouble because she can keep blackmailing me!