Foot fetish Sister Bendy - Foot Worship Blackmail Pt1

A clip starring Bendy

Bendy in Foot fetish Sister Bendy - Foot Worship Blackmail Pt1

In this clip: sniffing, foot worship, massage, willing

(Please note there is no sleepy/limp content in Part 1!)

Sweet and innocent, but malicious and playful at the same time - Ant the hottest soles on the internet brought to you in crystal closeups in Full HD 1080p!

I am sitting on the couch with my sister Bendy, sending some texts to my love affair Alice. Bendy keeps looking at me, amused, and starts a discussion where I have to tell a lot of lies, as she's a dear friend of Sarah, my official girlfriend. She knows about my affair, and, when she reveals that to me, I freeze. I am in trouble.
However, instead of telling my girlfriend about it, Bendy puts her legs on my lap and orders me to give her a foot massage: I am fucked, so she can make me do anything she wants. her aim is to keep me there and make fun of me, while she gets her feet rubbed, kissed and worshipped, as she loves it. If I do this, maybe she won't tell anything to Sarah.
I have no choice but accept it, even if my phone keeps receiving texts I am not allowed to read, as probably my lover is getting impatient as I had to meet is a very long scene, starting with massage in socks and ending up in being under these marvellous soft soles, never shown this clearly anytime before.