Mimi Fawn and the Foot Fucker Intruder

A clip starring Mimi Fawn

Mimi Fawn in Mimi Fawn and the Foot Fucker Intruder

In this clip: bondage, cumshot, groping, footjob, foot worship, masturbation, amateur

An intruder comes across an unlocked apartment door and opens it. He sneaks into the apartment and finds the owner, Mimi Fawn, hogtied and unconscious on the ground.
She's wearing a white blouse, dark blue boot cut jeans, and black heels. the thief tries his luck and shakes the woman; no response. He removes both shoes and tickles her bare feet; still no response. He checks her pulse to see if shes even alive; she is.

The man surveys the area and sees that whoever did this to her took whatever was worth stealing. Thinking that he might as well enjoy this situation, the thief goes back to the woman and begins to kiss and lick her feet.

After a while he unties her, picks her up and carries her to the a nearby chair. He sits her on his lap, her back on his chest, and exposes her breast. He gropes her for a while then he gets up, props her feet up on a nearby table, pulls out his dick, then rubs his dick all over her feet until he cums on them.