Fall of Guard - Coco

A clip starring Coco, Belle Fatale

Coco, Belle Fatale in Fall of Guard - Coco

In this clip: face play, ragdolling, groping, fucking, hands, injection, kissing, knockout, girl/girl

Belle is on a new mission, a new compound, and has her work cut out for her in this much larger facility. She looks around, aiming her pistol, searching for her next victim. Coco is a guard clone and one of the best prototypes in the business, but Belle takes her from behind, disarming the guard and grabbing her in a sleeper hold. The guard fights back, and acknowledges her defeat before falling asleep. When Belle takes her to the floor and she is out, she starts playing with her head, rolling it back and forth, playing with her mouth, checking out her hot body. She caresses her face for a bit, playing with her breasts through her tight white button down. She starts to unbutton the shirt, feeling her up at the same time, when the shirt is open, Coco reacts to the cool breeze on her naked skin. Belle goes for her perfect breasts, pinching and feeling her nipples, caressing her at the same time. She sits the guard up, ragdolling her around as she removes the shirt. She kisses her face and neck, and then her breasts and tummy. Belle grabs some pillows and stretches the guards perfect body out over the pillows. She takes her arms and puts them above her head, crossing them to stretch her torso. She sucks and kisses Coco's breasts and tummy, working her way down to her jeans. She kisses her perfect tummy and unbuttons her tight jeans. She pulls the jeans down, showing her pink G-string, and teasing her mons as Coco reacts moaning and breathing hard. She removes the boots and jeans then plays with her more. She kisses her pussy over the panties, then under the panties, getting a full reaction. She kisses her on the mouth and the guard kisses her back, still out. She kisses her for a while, laying next to her. Belle takes a syringe filled with Tranquilizer and puts Coco to sleep more, she was getting too close to waking up and she won't take the chance. Belle moves Coco's arms to her side then straddles her to have full control, sitting below her tits to see the full jolt. She handles and flops Coco's neck for a bit more then gives her a long kiss goodnight.