Fall Of Guard - Caroline and Savannah

A clip starring Caroline Pierce, Savannah

Caroline Pierce, Savannah in Fall Of Guard - Caroline and Savannah

In this clip: assault, face play, fighting, ragdolling, groping, inspection, kissing, knockout, girl/girl, stripping, neck, breasts, blonde, brunette, responsive

Oh wow, there is a second spy? Yes Caroline is sneaking through the Guard's house when she sees a perfect specimen, Savannah, to dispose of, but not before enjoying Savannah's body.

She sneaks up and punches her in the head, then catches her, letting her ease to the ground. The Sentry then proceeds to kiss Savannah all over her body, stroking her sensually as Savannah responds softly, then a bit more as Caroline squeezes her nipples.

The sunlight beams through to make Savannah's hair look like golden silky threads. The Spy moves her around, rolling her over to check her backside. She checks her out, the whole time the guard responds.

After a while, the Spy plays with her a bit more before she exits. Body pans and views of the hot limp guard follow.