Fall Of Guard - Belle and Kiki

A clip starring Belle Fatale

Belle Fatale in Fall Of Guard - Belle and Kiki

In this clip: assault, ragdolling, injection, kissing, stripping

She is back at it again, the sexy Spy taking out another clone, this one a Sexy Kiki in a skirt, topless, and looking sexy with her .45 raised and ready. She sneaks around and clears the rooms, talking to her dispatcher on her earpiece. Her headquarters alerts her of an intruder so she is ready, but the Sentry is too quick and stealth, coming up behind her with one swoop, a chokehold, the guard drops her gun and starts to struggle. The Sentry knows she has a live one, so pulls out a large syringe, plunging it into the guard's hip, starting the process immediately and in seconds she is melting, jerking, and writhing down to the floor. Her eyes roll back in her head as she starts to slowly pass out from the choke hold and the sleep serum that the Sentry concocted. She waits till she is still, then starts to check her out, rolling her over playing with her ass, touching and squeezing her tits, kissing her neck and getting her ready for some real play time. As she feasts on her nice tits and gropes, slaps her perfect ass. She looks up at her partner and says, "She's a real hot one, time to have some fun." The Sentry drags her underarm, to the bedroom, then tosses her on the bed. She pulls her down to the edge of the bed, getting ready for some more groping, nipple sucking, and pinching, and to kiss her sexy neck and lips. At this point the guard starts to respond a bit and as the Sentry gets closer to her zones, the more she responds in her sleepy way. She is lightly moaning and softly breathing with each lick of the nipple and kiss behind the ear. The Sentry tells her partner(POV) "She is all mine and I can do whatever I want to." She does just that and more of the same, kissing and sucking on her in different positions. She then knows she is getting too close to waking up, and must finish the job. She opens the guards eyes because she has barely seen them. She drags her up on to the bed and positions her to see the eyes. She checks her out one more time, kissing her a couple times, then exits, heading back to the room to pick up the guns and empty syringe. It's time to go to the next quadrant and meet up with her Partner.