Fall Of Guard - Belle and Awesome

A clip starring Belle Fatale

Belle Fatale in Fall Of Guard - Belle and Awesome

In this clip: assault, dragging, face play, fainting, fighting, ragdolling, groping, inspection, kissing, girl/girl, stripping

A Shado Guard is on duty combing the house for any intruders. They are on high alert since headquarters noted a Sentry Spy in the area, taking out safe houses and Shado Guards in her path. She looks through the window, then through the peep hole in the door, making sure the bolt is locked. From the rear entrance, the Sentry moves quickly, but stealthily and tactically. She can taste the sweet guard already. When she rounds the corner she sees her bounty and decides to take her down. She signals to her partner, who is there for documentation, and back up, to follow, there is only one guard on watch so this is a breeze. She disarms the guard, taking her pistol behind her back and getting her in a choke hold with the other. The Guard is stunned at first but fights hard to try and gain some leverage. She grunts out, "you tricked me!", but the Sentry replies that she is just, "a dumb slut, and is just stupid." A long fight, upright, then to the sectional couch, where the eyes flutter, and face turns red as she starts to fade out. The Sentry is in full control now and starts to play with her victim. She rolls the guard's head back and forth, checking how her neck muscles are working. She slides the guard forward and gets out from under her to unbutton and remove the shirt. She slowly takes off the shirt while she kisses the guard's neck and chest. She tells her partner time to have some fun with this one. She looks around, finding some pillows to lay under the guard so she is arched, arms above her head, stretched out, and on display for her to enjoy. The guard reacts slightly, and sleepily to the kissing and sucking. She kisses the guard, on her neck, lips, and face. She sticks her tongue deep in her mouth, and finishes with sensual kisses to the guards mouth and neck. She moves down to her tits, and tummy, enjoying the guard's sexy body. After a nice long kissing session, she slides her to the floor and positions her to enjoy some more. She rolls her over checking out and feeling her ass as she removes her tight skinny jeans. She rubs the sexy guards ass and continues to molest her body, kissing her on her mouth, rolling her back and forth, then kissing on her some more. She asks her partner if he would like to join, but he yields to her, saying for her to go ahead and have fun. She says okay and starts working her way down to the guards pussy. Her hands first sliding in and rubbing her outside the panties, then under the lace thong and rubbing the guards pussy. She kisses and caresses her, then starts to kiss her pussy, licking it as the guard starts to breathe heavily, and moan a bit from the arousal. The guard racts, bucking sleepily, flexing her abs and ribs from the arousal. The Sentry ribs her partner when she decides the guard has had enough and wants to finish her off. To make it a bit more relaxed, she pulls a syringe from her boot, pulls the cap off and sticks the guard in the neck, the guard reacts to the plunge, quivering a bit more as the drug takes effect. The guard is totally relaxed and so the Sentry tells her partner its time to finish her off, hazing him a bit because he thinks it's a waste. The Sentry gets up and tells her partner she is going to clear the rest of the house while he gets some documentation of the body. She picks up the discarded weapon and leaves the room, while body pans and views continue.

One of the best out of the many. Awesome and Belle are so sexy together in any fashion. This is over the top sexy, and the best sleepy stuff I have done to this date. Natural lighting, and flawless cuts rally sell this one to be the best so far.