Fall of Guard 2

A clip starring Belle Fatale

Belle Fatale in Fall of Guard 2

In this clip: assault, face play, ragdolling, groping, knockout, girl/girl

Another clone is standing guard, pacing back and forth, guarding for intruders. She wears a G-string, tall black boots and no top, packing small arms. Belle a rogue sentry taking out guards one at a time, in stealth mode, never using her to alarm the rest of the staff. As she sneaks down the steps, she comes to the landing, but pauses, hearing the click of the heeled boots getting louder, coming closer. She pops out right before the clone guard hits the landing, the guard hits her, lifting her off the ground, and then letting her body down to the floor. She drags here down the hall by her arms, and to the bed. She hoists her to the bed and starts playing with the sleeping woman. She starts to caress and kiss the guard, noticing that she is responsive and the more that she taunts and teases the sleepy guard, the more the guard responds, and is turned on. Belle plays with her nipples, kisses her mouth, plays with her lips, and then her pussy. She is responding to every touch, every caress, just unvoluntarily. Belle pulls her close to her chest, as the guard starts to stir, and as soon as she wakes, The Sentry shoves the Guard's face into her breasts, smothering her. The guard struggles, trying to fight, or free herself from the Spy's bosom, but she goes down again. This time the Sentry plays with her mouth, lips, face, and hair, kissing her mouth and caressing her face and lips. 

NOTE: there is no foot fetish content in this video: the girl keeps her boots on!