Fall of Guard

A clip starring Belle Fatale

Belle Fatale in Fall of Guard

In this clip: assault, ragdolling, groping, girl/girl, trance

Willow is a guard in Green House sector 2, she is paroling the hallways, and goes to adjust the heat on the fireplace. She bends over to turn up the heat, but when she looks in the reflection of the glossy black tile, it is too late. The Sentry is behind her, putting her to sleep. She fights hard, trying to escape, even elbowing the Spy in her ribs, but the Sentry holds on till she is gone. She drags the guard to the big wooden table, splays her out and starts to enjoy her sleepy body. The guard is responsive to her touches, at first slightly, then as time progresses and the Spy gets closer to her breasts, finally licking and sucking them, as well as kissing her neck. The guard responds with panting and breathing, and noises that sound like she is getting turned on. Belle moves her to the couch, for more caressing, kissing of the breasts and tummy. 

NOTE: there is NO foot content here, and the boots stay on all the time