Sabien Goes Down

A clip starring Sabien

Sabien in Sabien Goes Down

In this clip: fainting, ragdolling, rolling, amateur, stripping

Sabien is talking with a friend when suddenly she starts feeling strange; the guy asks if all is ok, and she says she has been experiencing some random fainting episodes, but it's nothing serious. This might be one of these. in fact, she suddenly drops limp on the bed.
The guy is worried, tries to wake her up, unsuccessfully... So, instead, he starts undressing and ragdolling the body to have a look since she can't say no. She wakes up and catches him in the act, but in a couple of seconds she flops down again, randomly, so he can go on undisturbed... Until the end of the video, when she catches him up again and this time remains awake, speechless.