Julie's Fainting Problem

A clip starring Julie

Julie in Julie's Fainting Problem

In this clip: fainting, amateur

This video comes out of old archive material and is REALLY amateurish; the camera work is quite below our standards, therefore the low price.

Julie goes to the doctor as she has been fainting randomly and without a reason. She is surprised to find out her doctor is not in, and is being replaced by Mick, a guy who looks definitely not skilled and a bit creepy. She is tempted to leave and come back when her doctor will be back, but unfortunately for her it happens again: she faints, literally into Mick's arms.
At that point, the guy takes off her shoes and starts touching her feet for a while, before she wakes up and catches him in the act. She doesn't understand what's going on and starts protesting more, definitely wanting to leave. But, before she can redress, it happens again and she drops down once more, leaving Mick free to do what he wants