Fainting Sophia Smith Gives You The Flu

A clip starring Sophia Smith

Sophia Smith in Fainting Sophia Smith Gives You The Flu

In this clip: fainting, POV, sniffing, foot worship, silly

Sophia Smith is ill: laying on the couch, wrapped up in a sheet, as her nice loser friend does his best to assist her, despite being a germ freak who's very anxious about getting infected, especially when she coughs.
However, at some point Sophia faints. The guy doesn't know what to do and panics, as he doesn't really want to touch her too much as he may get ill... But, fortunately, soon Sophia wakes up. He asks her what he's supposed to do when a person faints, and she replies "just put my feet up".
The two agree that she should better go to bed, and Sophia starts walking towards the bedroom, but unfortunately the guy hears her dropping fainted on the floor again.

There she is, fainted face down on the floor. He approaches her, rolls her over and, trying to touch her as little as possible to avoid contamination, grabs her ankles and lifts her legs up.
Now her limp bare feet are dangling just before his face. She is not waking up, these sexy legs are starting to feel heavy. These feet still dangling before his face, calling for him to have some attention... He should not, this is wrong and also that may pass him some germs... he tries to look elsewhere, avoids eye contact with these toes and luscious soles... But, suddenly, he loses it. Fuck it, let's lick these soles and suck these toes before she wakes up, as that's the only chance in a lifetime. Fuck the germs, I will be alright! And he sinks his face between her arches, smelling soundly, licking the soles from heels to toes as she can't feel it, really absorbing it, for a long time...

Later on, he is laying on the couch, wrapped up into a sheet, severely ill. Sophia has now recovered and is now assisting him, returning the favour. She doesn't understand how she passed him the flu, but she has.