Cute Kate Faints

A clip starring Kate

Kate in Cute Kate Faints

In this clip: fainting, knockout, silly, amateur

Cute Kate, all dressed sexy, is making herself up for participating at something important. At some point her head starts spinning: "This is very bad timing", she thinks, as she tries to fight that fainting feeling. She stands up, dazed, but after a few steps she drops to the floor, limp and gone. The camera pans over her limp body.
After some time she wakes up, and still dazed she sits on the bed. Her head starts buzzing again, she struggles with herself for a bit, but finally she drops down again and the camera pans on her body.
Once again she wakes up, but once again she collapses on the bed and the camera pans on her body.
Finally, she wakes up again and all seems to feel ok, finally. She looks happy, she tries to spin and nothing happens: her head feels good and light, finally. She walks towards the door, but in that exact moment her friend comes from the other side to make sure she is ok. The door slams on her face, the guy apologizes but Kate's head is dazed again, and the poor girl crosses her eyes and slides down, limp, once more.