The Fainting Housemate Experience - Laura Smith

A clip starring Laura Smith

Laura Smith in The Fainting Housemate Experience - Laura Smith

In this clip: face play, fainting, ragdolling, POV, hands, redressing, rolling, stripping

Laura and her housemate are sitting on the sofa, bored. Each one is doing stuff on the phone separately. At some point Laura faints, but she remains in the pose and the housemate doesn't notice it and keeps minding his business for a while, while the camera pans around her body.
When finally he takes hie eyes off his phone and looks at Laura, he believes she fell asleep and is amused by that. He tries to wake her up, but, when he realizes she is not coming back, he starts panicking a bit as he doesn't know what to do.
He lays Laura's limp body on the couch, puts her leg higher on two cushions, and then shakes her more. Still no response so he thinks he should call for help asap.

That's when Laura slowly wakes up, and reassures him saying that she sometimes has episodes like that: she faints, stays out for some time, and then that's it. He should not worry if it happens again, he just leave her there and go on with his stuff.
Still a bit worried, he makes sure she is ok and then leaves. Laura gets back to her phone. Later on, she faints again.

The guy comes back later, just to find Laura limp again on the couch. This time he's more relaxed and he decides to challenge her more: he plays with her hands, does some eye checks, and then grabs her legs and puts her feet on his lap. He tickles her bare soles but no response. He keeps tickling for a while but no response.
That's when he gets a bit dodgy and lifts her shirt up, revealing her bare tits, which he photographs with his phone.
He takes a few snaps when, suddenly, Laura starts to come back. He panics, covers her tits, tries to resume her position, gets her phone back into her hands, runs away... Laura is still waking up and literally doesn't notice he was there.

He comes back pretending nothing happened, and in fact Laura speaks to him as if she didn't notice he was there playing with her body. They have some more small talk when suddenly Laura feels she's going to faint again.
Already dazed, she is still able to communicate with him, telling him that she feels this one is big, and won't wake up until the next day. With her last words she asks him to be PUT TO BED, because of this. The she fades out again.

The housemate is alone again with Laura's limp body. He checks her again, and she is definitely deep out. So he grabs her body and carries her into the bedroom, where he tosses the limp body on the bed.

Once there he thinks it's nice and appropriate to change her into some kind of night wear. That's actually just an excuse to strip and handle her, but after all it's her fault and she was the one asking to be put to bed.
So, struggling against the limp body, he begins undressing her, removing her shirt and her jeans, leaving her in panties only. That's the right moment to take more snaps of his naked sexy housemate, before rolling her on the tummy and taking more pictures of her bum, legs and soles!

At that point he goes searching for some night wear in her wardrobe, and the camera pans around her body and ass.

He comes back with a silky pajamas, and he begins redressing the body in it. It takes some time and a good effort, but after a while she is all dressed and buttoned into her cute nightwear!
At that point he can't be bothered to tuck her into bed, so he takes a new sheet and covers the fainted Laura with it.