POV Faints and Limp Play - Bonnie

A clip starring Bonnie

Bonnie in POV Faints and Limp Play - Bonnie

In this clip: face play, fainting, POV, hands, inspection, silly, amateur, stripping, breasts, brunette, smart/business

I am talking with Bonnie when she gets an emotional peak and starts to feel woozy.  I ask her what's happening, but she feels too dazed, and after a bit she drops down limp onto the sofa.
Alarmed, I try to wake her up, unsuccessfully and I feel very worried. Fortunately, soon she starts to come back, and, still dazed, explains me that this happens whenever she gets scared, upset or experiences some kind of stressful situation, but it's nothing to worry about.

There I realize I can have some fun: I repeat the situation on purpose, causing her to faint multiple times, and while she is out limp I have fun with her body, partly undressing her, doing some limp play and so on...