Failed Eviction

A clip starring Carley, Ammalia

Carley, Ammalia in Failed Eviction

In this clip: assault, chloroform, face play, fighting, ragdolling, hands, rolling, stripping, smothering, legs, breasts, blonde, brunette, smart/business

Carley is a lawyer specialized in evicting problematic tenants. She is sitting on a chair looking very sexy crossing and uncrossing her legs while she talks. She is confronting Ammalia telling her that she hasn’t paid her bills and as a consequence will have to leave the apartment and all of his belongings will be repossessed!

Ammalia is not affected by the news and stands up walks behind her and whispers in her ear: "at least I can keep you", the lawyer gets angered by the remark and aggressively pushes the villain away but she gets put to sleep by Ammalia after a struggle. Her legs are everywhere kicking, we get great upskirt shots and see her distressed face, she falls to the floor and struggles aggressively until she is pinned down and out.

Ammalia examines Carley's body, removes her jacket and then rolls her over a couple of times so she’s on her back and on her stomach again. While on her back the villain does a little face play. But soon she wakes up!
Carley is just as aggressive as before and starts attacking Ammalia, but she has another ace up her sleeve, and puts her to sleep again! Ammalia continues to unbutton her blouse and strips the rest of her to topless level while also undoing her ponytail, she leaves her in a sexy position on the couch.