Rehead Niki Limp Face and Hair Play

A clip starring Niki

Niki in Rehead Niki Limp Face and Hair Play

In this clip: chloroform, face play, ragdolling, POV, feet, neck, hair, mouth, redhead, eyerolling

Niki sits barefoot on her bed, reading a book; soon she feels it's time to sleep, and lays down.
Later, unexpectedly, a guy comes in and stares at her sleeping figure. He takes out a cloth and starts to put her to sleep in a deeper way, slowly and multiple times, each time getting closer to her nose and mouth. All this process comes in POV version.
Once she's done, he takes her off the bed and sits her on the floor; there he begins handling her head, playing with her face and hair, especially her soft mouth. Many times she starts waking up, but every time he quickly puts her back to sleep. She can barely protest or react, she always falls limp again and he can go on playing with her cute red head.
Finally, he puts her back on the bed and leaves. Although this is not a foot fetish related clip, of course there are great shots of Niki's cute bare feet!