Tricked Emma and AltSiren limp play delight

A clip starring Emma, AltSiren

Emma, AltSiren in Tricked Emma and AltSiren limp play delight

In this clip: carrying, chloroform, gas, face play, ragdolling, hands, casting

AltSiren is attending an audition for a limp fetish movie; unfortunately she's unaware of what she is drinking, and she soon falls asleep in the hands of the pervert. Emma joins the audition, and finds limp AltSiren, but she believes she's just pretending, so she says she's pretty good in playing limp! AltSiren starts to wake up, and the pervert vigorously puts her to sleep again, and Emma is totally shocked before getting put to sleep too.
The pervert spends a long time playing with their limp bodies, carrying them, moving them, performing face and hand play on them, and once they both start to wake up, he puts both them to sleep at the same time for an epic ending!