Elektro Foot Worship

A clip starring Chloe

Chloe in Elektro Foot Worship

In this clip: foot worship, medical, trance, willing

Chloe is at the hospital and needs to have an injection, but she can't cope with that. The doctor offers her the option to be completely sedated using a medical mask, and she accepts. She starts inhaling, and soon she's completely out and limp.
At that point the doctor can work undisturbed, but, instead, he goes at her feet and takes her flat sandals off and begins sniffing and worshipping the soles of the limp girl. he can do it now, as she can't feel anything.
After a while, he stands up, applies some electrodes to her legs and lets electricity run through them. The feet starts moving in a spasming way, and he kneels back down... He gets closer to the soles, and lets them push and rub his face gently, moved randomly by electricity. it feels as if the girl is willing pointing her feet on his face, even though it's just electricity animating these legs which at the moment can't feel anything as the girl's mind is asleep...