Drunk Mature Roxana Stripped and Handled

A clip starring Roxana

Roxana in Drunk Mature Roxana Stripped and Handled

In this clip: drunk, face play, ragdolling, hands, foot worship, rolling, amateur, mature, stripping

Mature Roxana comes home and enters her bedroom visibly drunk; she can barely stand, ans soon passes out laying randomly on her bed.
A creep sneaks in, and makes sure she is properly out; then he begins rolling and undressing her limp body, until she is completely naked for him to handle and see.
Emphasis is on the feet with foot worship, rubbing, slapping, flopping. But there is also face play, hand play, rolling and making fun of milf Roxana's limp body.
When she wakes up later, he is gone; she finds herself naked, but she's confused and can't remember things well. She will never know what really happened to her body!