Vivian Jade And Dr. Frozen Hero

A clip starring Vivian Jade

Vivian Jade in Vivian Jade And Dr. Frozen Hero

In this clip: carrying, face play, groping, humiliation, injection, inspection, silly, stripping

A crazy girl keeps a frozen man in a secret place: he's unable to move because she regularly injects a magic liquid into him, which keeps the magic going. That day is no different: the man lays frozen on the medical bed. Vibian enters with the magic syringe to top up the magic, but before doing so she begins sucking his cock, which becomes hard. This is the playroom of a crazy girl, and that man is her toy...
She gets the syringe and she is about to give him the daily dose when he unexpectedly breaks free from the magic, grabs the syringe and injects the magic liquid into her neck!

Vivian gets frozen with a stunned expression... She is not his doll, roles have reversed! From this point he will handle her body, strip it, grope her, pose her in various humiliating, hot and silly positions, finger fuck her, take pictures of her, move her face into several expressions, and have a very long freeze play session with her new sexy doll!