Sophia Lee's Dreamy Twitching Sleepy Feet in Nylons

A clip starring Sophia Lee

Sophia Lee in Sophia Lee's Dreamy Twitching Sleepy Feet in Nylons

In this clip: POV, sniffing, foot worship, nylons

Sophia is a secretary and she just got home from work. She is wearing office attire, high heels, and see-through nylon. She sits on her couch to relax, but she does not know the foot thief is waiting for her. The foot thief snakes up behind her, and sprays her with a knockout spray. So she passes out.

The foot thief lays her down on the couch, and puts her feet up on the arm rest at the end of the couch. Her face and toes are pointed at the ceiling.

Foot thief removes her high heels and starts worshipping her feet by snuffing and kissing her toes, keeping the pantyhose on.

Sophia's toes are very active the whole time. Her toes would wiggle, twitch, and point a lot, because she is having a bad dream. But she never wakes up. After the foot thief is satisfied, he leaves, while Sophia continues to dream.