Drawing class model body lease

A clip starring Ava

Ava in Drawing class model body lease

In this clip: carrying, injection, sniffing, foot worship, willing

A professional drawing class model makes a deal with an art school director - instead of spending boring, exhausting hours keeping the same pose, she suggests the new sleepy method: she signs a contract in which she agrees to be put to sleep and lease her body for 4 hours, to be used exclusively for drawing class lessons. Once the contract is signed signed she updates her facebook status, shuts down her phone and calmly lets the director put her to sleep. But once he's done, the director can't resist the urge to use the body for fullfilling his foot fetish desires before bringing her to the class... so he lays her face down on a table, takes off her shoes and begins a passionate, wet foot worship. This was surely not in the contract statement, but if you don't tell her we certainly won't either...