Dragging Her Mate Around #1

A clip starring AltSiren, Linda

AltSiren, Linda in Dragging Her Mate Around #1

In this clip: dragging, foot worship, girl/girl, amateur

Linda is a very hard working woman. When she comes home from her day, she is so exhausted that she can barely make it in the door before collapsing and falling asleep. Which is why she needs her roommate AltSiren. AltSiren stays with Linda rent free. All that is asked of her is to drag Linda to bed when she comes home and passes out. But AltSiren is a very ditsy and confused woman with a terrible sense of direction. So she takes extra long to drag Linda to her room because she forgets where it is. Also she has a powerful foot fetish. She can't help but lust for Linda's pretty feet even though she knows that Linda does not like it.

AltSiren discovers Linda lying unconscious by the front door. She grabs her by the ankles and drags her limp body to the bedroom. But she has a hard time finding the bedroom, so she has to drag Linda all around the room before she finally comes to the bedroom.
She pulls Linda up onto the bed. But AltSiren cannot help herself. She wants Linda's feet before she leaves. So she kisses and worships Linda's feet as she sleeps on the bed. Linda wakes up after about a minute or so of AltSiren worshipping her feet. Linda is appalled and kicks AltSiren in the face which knocks her unconscious.
Linda takes AltSiren by the ankles and drags her out of her room. She says this better not happen again or else you're gone.