Double Trouble

A clip starring Ammalia, Elise Graves

Ammalia, Elise Graves in Double Trouble

In this clip: dragging, face play, ragdolling, groping, inspection, foot worship, knockout, multigirl, rolling

A guy comes back in his room and finds an unknown naked girl (Elise Graves) completely limp and gone on his bed; he is scared at first, but then he calms down and starts inspecting her body. He gets a call: his girlfriend (Ammalia) is coming there, so he panics again because he needs to hide the unknown limp girl immediately! He drags her around but doesn't find a place. Fortunately, Ammalia calls again saying she is late, so he can relax and restart playing with the limp girl, focusing on face play and foot views/soles rub.
When finally Ammalia comes, he decides to knock her out and do the same things with her, laying her body next to the unknown girl's one on the bed. Later the unknown girl wakes up totally dazed and embarrassed, and runs away apologizing.