Domination Dreams Alicia

A clip starring Alicia

Alicia in Domination Dreams Alicia

In this clip: POV, sniffing, foot worship, nylons, stripping, caught in the act, feet, legs, breasts, brunette, chubby

Alicia is asleep on the bed. She was dressed sexily as usual. Her roommate came in and saw her. He could not believe his luck. He had always wanted to get a closer look at Alicia’s legs and feet, but she would never let him.

After checking that she was in a deep sleep, he moved down to her legs and feet. He removed her shoes and took a closer look at her nylon covered feet. They were all he imagined. As he put her feet to his nose and took a deep breath he started to imagine.

In his daydream, Alicia awoke. She was not surprised. In fact, she was totally calm and took control of the situation. She sat up, becoming the mistress. She commanded him kneel and worship her feet. He did so, as she watched him and told him how worthless he was and how she was in command.  She teased him, telling him that she knew that he loved her heels and feet as she made him sniff her feet and handle them. She told him to put her heels back on. As he did, she teased him by removing her top and teased him with her bra, before pulling it down and flashing her boobs at him. She told the roommate to pull off her dress, leaving her breasts out of the bra cups.  Finally, she told him to remove her heels and stockings. Her roommate obeyed, until he had removed her heels and held her stockings in his hands. He brought them to his nose and took a deep breath.

Suddenly, he came out of his daydream. There was Alicia still asleep, naked in only panties, suspender belt and bra pulled down with her boobs exposed. He moved down to her bare feet. As he inspected her feet, Alicia stirred. Suddenly she woke. At first confused, then panicked and mad, she shouted at her roommate, telling him she would report him to everyone!