Limp Session With My Bride Doll Nikita

A clip starring Nikita

Nikita in Limp Session With My Bride Doll Nikita

In this clip: carrying, ragdolling, POV, footjob, hands, faceless/anonymous, inspection, foot worship, masturbation, rolling, amateur, feet, brunette, petite

This is more of a session with Nikita's limp body: from start to end there are no cuts, she stays limp as if she's just a limp body for shooting the video and having fun with.
At some point my phone rings in the other room, I go to turn it off and Nikita's body remains motionless on the bed all the time.

She is dressed as a bride and her head is covered in a fetish doll mask with a blonde wig. Quite a surreal interesting effect. The video is focused on limp play, foot play and worship with masturbation and dick rubbing on them. Nothing intense but still a good clip.

This is probably the last video shot with Nikita, as her availability is getting down. A few more minor titles will follow as archive material, but - at the moment - I don't plan to shoot with Nikita ever again unless any more customs come in for her.