Akeira Limp Prostitute Doll

A clip starring Akeira

Akeira in Akeira Limp Prostitute Doll

In this clip: carrying, face play, fighting, ragdolling, groping, inspection, trance, stripping

Prostitute Akeira meets an unusual client and asks what he would like to do. He starts to tell her about some strange things such as limp fetish and similar, and that makes her freak out and want to leave the room. But, when she grabs the door handle, some kind of electricity zaps her, turning her into a doll!
The weirdo reaches her, grabs her and starts a dance with her limp body, while groping her ass and grinding her. After some time, he lays her on the floor and keeps groping her thighs. She wakes up and engages a fight, but fortunately he is quick enough to take his portable medical mask out of his pocket, which he puts over her face and which puts her to sleep again.

He grabs the limp body and moves onto the couch, where he continues groping and flopping the limp body for some time. Then he carries limp Akeira to the kitchen, where he sits her at the table, performs eye checks, face play and some limp feeding forcing food into her mouth, but of course most of it falls out.