Doll HandFuck - Ellie

A clip starring Ellie

Ellie in Doll HandFuck - Ellie

In this clip: cumshot, face play, ragdolling, groping, POV, hands, inspection, masturbation, stripping

Doll Ellie lays limp on a bed; she is barefoot but fully clothed. A guy is there, and he starts to play with her body, also taking some video footage with a handicam (footage included in the clip). Groping, rolling, handling, stripping, face and limp play included.

Once Ellie is naked, the guy takes his dick out and starts to rub it on her limp hands, sliding it on her palms, wrapping her fingers around it and getting a passive handjob from her. He cums all over her palms, and leaves her there still wet.